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Marketing and the Consumer* Experience by Kelsey A. Horine

For many nonprofit marketers, their job consists of trying to get free press, updating the website and planning fundraisers (okay, I am over simplifying, but you get the idea). One of the biggest challenges many nonprofit organizations face is getting … Continue reading

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Food Deserts in Our Backyard by Sara Harbaugh

Hunger affects one in eight Americans every day and an estimated 37 million Americans needed emergency food assistance in 2009. There are families where the children don’t know if there will be dinner tonight; individuals who live in Single Room … Continue reading

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Making Google≠Googolplex: How to Search the Internet Intelligently by Sabine Schuller

So imagine this scenario: You work at an NGO. It’s 4:45 Friday afternoon and your Executive Director pops into your cube. The ED says, “Hey, a board member just invited me to dinner downtown with “A Fictional Person”, who’s a … Continue reading

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Becoming More Than Another Resume: The Advantages of Informational Interviews by Lauren Anderson

Networking (verb)- to meet professional contacts to increase your understanding of an area, build contacts in that area, or advance your career. Informational Interview (noun)- networking in an interview-like style. Informational interviews are advantageous over traditional networking, because you demonstrate interest and … Continue reading

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