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Homelessness by Sarah Harbaugh

We all see Chicago’s homeless, be it by the side of the Eisenhower exits, on State Street, or at CTA stops every day. But rarely do we stop to greet them, to acknowledge their humanity, to see them as individuals … Continue reading

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Giving Time or Money by Ashley Walls

Volunteering is a great way to learn about your passions, test out your skills, and meet a variety of people. Volunteer experiences can be short-term or long-term; once a week or once a month. Over the past few months, my … Continue reading

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Networking – Social and Beyond by Steve Strang

Social networking has become an everyday part of nonprofit culture.  Blogging, tweeting, linking and Facebooking (among others) are day-to-day routines now for the Gen Y – but where does actual person-to-person networking fall into the picture?  P2P networking has fallen … Continue reading

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A Board Service Story By Aaron House

Serving on an ALL-VOLUNTEER board means something very different than serving on a traditional board. It means you’re accountable. It means you’re the workhorse. It means the big ideas you share during monthly discussions might just end up right back … Continue reading

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