How Does My Talent Fit Into My Life Plan by Ashely S.C. Walls

This statement is the sum of my soon-to-be life plan: To have a creative impact on urban change by designing sustainable communities.

In no way should this statement limit me, but instead it should help guide how I use my time, energy, and resources most efficiently and effectively to meet my goals.

I am a firm believer in actively participating in your passions and talents. Throughout my life, poetry has served me. Poetry fed me hope, peace, and alternative perspectives. As an art form, poetry saved me by allowing me to cope when times were more tumultuous than I thought I could handle. As I have discovered other ways to cope with personal issues, my focus has shifted from one of art and creativity to practical development and tangible assistance. I’m trying to determine how to fully integrate poetry and performing into my life as a resource and necessary component.

I am scared that my increasing practicality is decreasing my desire and will to work on my artistic craft. This should not be. This is not the example that I would want to set for others. Yet, I think this is realistic and more common than not. I also believe that, over the past few months, I have lost confidence in the impact of my words to improve. What does this stem from?

Poetry, expression, and creativity mean the world to me as I aim to remain relevant. I’m just uncertain about my place in this world of fast tongues, quick wit, and fancy word play. I know that my poetry and my style of expression have a place, but I struggle to visualize the details of the space and time that I fit in.
As I write this, I realize another reason this topic weighs heavily on me. Whenever I am engaging in a passion or career, my friends and family invest their time, money, and energy into what I am doing. I want to make sure I am not wasting my loved ones time, i.e. channeling their support into my lost cause.

All in all, I am trying to discover if my passion or hobby is an integral part of my life plan and if I should push through or let go.

Below is a link to a blog entry by Caitlin Kelly that encourages readers to think about, “Would you rather be creative or productive?”

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Ashley S.C. Walls holds a Master’s degree in Arts and Entertainment Media Management with a concentration in Arts and Youth and Community Development from Columbia College Chicago and a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from The University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. Walls has worked in a comprehensive capacity with community service organizations for several years. A regular blogger (, start-up business consultant, and spoken word poet, Walls creates platforms for sustainable change.

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2 Responses to How Does My Talent Fit Into My Life Plan by Ashely S.C. Walls

  1. Sean says:

    Beautifully written – you capture exactly how I feel about the challenge of combining what I _love_ with what I _do_. Since you’re also interested in community development (and poetry), you might appreciiate this post I found on the same topic:

  2. Thanks Sean! I also enjoyed the link. Im still working on the balancing act, but defintely know that poetry and expression are essential to who I am.

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