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Some Science Behind Persuasion by Megan Groves

Fundraising communications professionals aren’t the only ones who want to influence people; so do business marketers, salespeople, politicians…the list is endless.  Thanks to the diversity of folks who want to sway others, there is a good amount of research devoted … Continue reading

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OUTreach = reaching OUT by Ashley Walls

I am completely committed to living more intentionally. With that, I have realized something unsettling about blogging. My entries, and the entries of a million other bloggers with great things to say, have not yet reached the homes of those … Continue reading

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Five Marketplace Trends For Long Term Success by La Sridhar

Savvy non-profits don’t need crystal balls to predict their future.  They are always scanning the horizon and preparing their organization to weather numerous changes coming their way.  Are you prepared?  Here are five new rules of engagement that will impact … Continue reading

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Not a photographer? Here’s help! by Megan Groves

If you are a typical nonprofit development professional and not a photographer, you probably feel nervous about picking up a camera to take pictures for your organization’s website, brochure, or other promotional vehicle. But, organizations can’t always afford to hire … Continue reading

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