Interested in blogging for YNPN Chicago?

We would love to hear from you! If you are interested in blogging here is some information to get you started.

Please submit all proposed blog posts to – she will follow-up with possible edits, approval and the current timeline.

Rules for Responsible Blogging
(A big thank you to Ada Okolue and YNPN Twin Cities for providing these guidelines)

1. Fact check 1, 2, 1, 2. Make sure to check your facts before submitting your blog post, else you might not only look foolish, but also misinform other people and damage the credibility of YNPN.
2. Respect Copyright laws. This is an obvious, but a must be stated point. Make sure your blog posts are original.
3. Consider the implications. Information on the Internet spreads like fire. Consider the implications of what you write, and remember that once it’s published you immediately lose control.
4. Give credit where credit is due. Always reference your sources. You must name the source where it’s referenced, and link directly to the referencing site (if possible). In spirit of this guideline, these words of wisdom come from the fine folks at YNPN Twin Cities.
5. Be honest and transparent. Sharing or recommending resources is a natural part of blogging culture. Nevertheless, you must disclose any conflicting relationships or ties you have with the referenced source (e.g. friend, employer, stakeholder, etc). You can simply state the relationship within the post or place an asterisk next to your resource, and disclose the relationship at the end of your blog post. Sharing or recommending a resource where you stand to make a financial gain is prohibited. (Note: Look over the Conflict of Interest devised by Governance committee)
6. Don’t get fired. If you are going to intertwine things that happened at work into your post, make sure it’s okay with your employer. Remember, that your profile on the board of directors section of the website lists your employer. (Note: There will be a disclaimer that will state that the opinions stated here are those of the individual, and not necessarily of the individual’s employer, YNPN or YNPN Chicago.)
7. YNPN Chicago is your Big Brother. Even with a disclaimer, remember that your post is a reflection of YNPN Chicago. Although individuality is welcomed and encouraged, make sure it’s not at the expense of YNPN- Chicago.
8. You’re not Simon Cowell. People will provide feedback to your post: Positive and Negative. This can come in the form of comments or even a reactive blog post. Whatever the case, don’t let a negative reaction prompt a negative (or questionable) response. The goal is to encourage insightful dialogue, so make sure your responses to readers’ comments are responsible and thoughtful.

Blogging Process

Blog posts will be published every Tuesday. All submissions should be sent to Kelsey Horine at
Submission Process
1. Submit your post, image and associated hyperlinks
2. Post is reviewed, edited, and sent back to you for review
3. After review process, post is published
4. After being published…
– Communications committee emails members and promotes via various marketing communication channels (e.g. eNewsletter, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
–  User Comments are reviewed by moderators
–  You’re expected to respond to readers comments

Submission Requirements
1. Word count: 400 – 1,000 words
2. Minimum links: 2 links (Note: To drive search engine optimization, we should try for 3-5 links.)
3. Lists, bullets, posing questions, etc are all helpful writing tools to guide readers through your post. Use them, and use them often. In addition, avoid jargon (unless to make a point), redundancies, and long paragraphs.
4. Submit an image along with your post. (Note: Try to provide an image that either plays-off or sums-up the essence of your post topic.)


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