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Cut Through the Clutter: Top Information Resources for Nonprofit Professionals by Lindsey Fila

As the nonprofit sector and our roles within it continues to evolve and grow, so too do the number of resources, case studies, and issue insights available and dedicated to nonprofit professionals, frequently for free. However, honing in (or simply … Continue reading

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The Insider: Lisa Brown Morton, President & CEO of Nonprofit HR Solutions

This interview was conducted by Sandra C. Davis and was originally posted on the blog Black Gives Back. Want to learn how to remain competitive in this tight job market?  Need nonprofit job search tips? Read on to learn all … Continue reading

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Marketing and the Consumer* Experience by Kelsey A. Horine

For many nonprofit marketers, their job consists of trying to get free press, updating the website and planning fundraisers (okay, I am over simplifying, but you get the idea). One of the biggest challenges many nonprofit organizations face is getting … Continue reading

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Making Google≠Googolplex: How to Search the Internet Intelligently by Sabine Schuller

So imagine this scenario: You work at an NGO. It’s 4:45 Friday afternoon and your Executive Director pops into your cube. The ED says, “Hey, a board member just invited me to dinner downtown with “A Fictional Person”, who’s a … Continue reading

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Taking it Global: 10 International Organizations to Keep on Your Nonprofit Radar By Emma Heemskerk

Sick of your local job hunt? Feel like making a broader impact, literally? Look no further. Here’s 10 of the most interesting and innovative international nonprofit organizations that are worthy of more than just your Facebook “like.” 1. Ashoka An … Continue reading

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